Energy Storage
for Next Generation

The world is changing fast, and fossil fuels do not fit for it anymore. Our new energy storage technology builds a clean environment and helps you cut your carbon footprint faster. Ready to deliver extraordinary results with safe, proven and economical energy storage technology?

Leading the Future

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    Net carbon footprint goal
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    First commercial VFB deployment in South Korea
    100 st
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    Total project operating hours
    + 00,000 hrs


We started with a radical idea. Shouldn’t energy storage be safe, highly scalable, long-lasting and economical at the same time? That’s why we developed an advanced flow battery and energy storages based on it. Integrated with the power grid, our energy storages make it ready for the maximum renewable penetration with the minimum fossil-fueled power plants.


We’re on a mission to help generation companies and grid operators do their jobs without sacrificing environment-friendliness and economy.

  • Resource adequacy
  • Transmission and distribution deferral

Proprietary Technology

Enabled by the advanced and competitive flow battery technology, energy storages are the perfect tools for carbon neutrality.

Our unique technologies implemented in EnerFLOW® energy storages, are pioneering large-scale and long-duration energy storage markets.


Redox Flow Battery is the Best Answer for Long-Duration and Utility-Scale Energy Storages.

Redox Flow Battery is a promising storage technology where chemical reactions of reduction and oxidation lead to storing energy.

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