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H2, Inc.
H2, Inc. opened its new VRFB manufacturing plant in South Korea
Date 2023.05.17
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H2, Inc., a leading flow battery company in the world, has finally opened its new VRFB manufacturing facility in South Korea, named ‘K1 Plant’. The annual production capacity of the plant is 330MWh, which is one of the largest manufacturing capabilities in the world for VRFBs. Making full use of this new plant, H2 aims to expand its flow battery-based long-duration energy storage business globally. Accompanied by the production capacity of this plant, H2 plans to concentrate more on the development and production of utility-scale VRFBs. The first project that the new plant produces will be the US largest 20MWh VRFB project to be deployed in northern California next year. A few more new utility-scale VRFB projects will follow soon. H2 has further strengthened its extensive vertical-integration strategy that covers R&D activities for VRFBs as well as production capability through K1 Plant’s opening. Moreover, H2 is considering expanding its production plants additionally in South Korea and the US after the K1 Plant. Through this business expansion, H2 is expected to contribute significantly to the global drive towards achieving carbon neutrality in energy and power generation industries.