Redox Flow Battery is the best answer for long-duration and utility-scale energy storages.


Resource Adequacy

Long-duration energy storage replacing natural gas combustion turbines to meet generation requirements during peak hours.

  • Coal-fired or natural gas peaker plants accelerate climate change. Now is the time to act to cut carbon emissions. Integrated with long-duration energy storage, the grid even with a significant amount of renewable energy is reliable and low-carbon as well.
    Flow battery energy storages no matter they are co-located or remotely located with renewable resources, can address its intermittency effectively. Distributed and long-duration storage assets can meet the peak demand by discharging energy which is stored during renewable curtailments, resulting in the maximum utilization of renewables and the minimum operation of fossil-fueled plant. EnerFLOW® Series with its long-duration capability and non-degrading cycling characteristics, fulfills the key requirements needed to support the high penetration of renewable energy.