Vanadium Flow Battery is the best answer for long-duration and utility-scale energy storages.


Vanadium Flow Battery

VFB is a promising storage technology where chemical reactions of reduction and oxidation lead to storing energy.

  • Safety

    VFB stores energy with stable chemistry based on an aqueous electrolyte. It is non-flammable and non-explosive, resulting in the safest energy storage ever.

  • Long lifetime

    VFB storage has no degradation regardless of deep cycle operations. It can perform 20,000+ cycles in over 20 years of operation retaining its original energy capacity.

  • Scalability

    Power and energy components decoupled in the system allow you to deploy completely scalable energy storage. With the unique scalability, our systems meet your specific needs for power and energy capacities.

  • Long duration

    VFB can deliver the energy across 4-12 hours and easily expand the energy capacity by simply adding more electrolytes to the existing system. With this feature, it can expand capacity as needed even in the middle of lifespan.

VFB consists of ‘Stack’ for Power and ‘Electrolyte’ for Energy. The flow of positive and negative electrolytes goes through an electro-chemical process of oxidation and reduction. Since this electro-chemistry is basically surface reactions having no volume changes on electrodes, no degradation is made even after repeated cycles of charging and discharging. With H2’s proprietary flow battery technology, more renewables can be added to the grid.

  • As a global pioneer in new energy solutions, H2 is dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality implemented by top-notch energy storage technology. We strive for a sustainable future through our products, EnerFLOW® series.

    We have devoted ourselves to fulfill the ambition of net-zero transition by developing and supplying the most advanced, safe and cost-effective energy storages ever built.

    - Dr. Shin Han, Founder and CEO
  • From fundamental research to commissioning a system, we’re vertically integrated in terms of an advanced energy storage.

    EnerFLOW® series is our creation of endless hours of extensive research and development for the game-changing energy storage.

    - Dr. JH Huh, Co-founder, R&D Center
  • We always set the bar higher. Our vision and passion accelerate the innovation and adaptation of our energy storages for decarbonized power grid.

    We’re here to help our customers to discover what’s next for the low-carbon power grid, and we strive to deliver a resilient and cost-effective energy storage solution to them.

    - EY Moon, Director, Business Development